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To help travellers to find original and highly classified information on destinations and travel services. Our goal is to provide business and leisure travellers with the most comprehensive, accessible and exact selection of original travel publications - booklets, from every corner of the world.

To help all travel and tourist entities to distribute their original booklets and brochures and put them in the hands of millions of readers without necessity to print and distribute them. Bookletia facilitates access to the original travel brochures which are automatically converted from printed format to modern and beautiful e-publications.

Bookletia welcomes any comments and suggestions concerning this new exciting project of travel digital library.

  • You can free search, explore and read travel booklets, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and other publications, and also free create your personal library with favorites.

  • Through a publisher subscription account you can publish your tourism and travel oriented publications in a nice e-brochure way, and also in highly classified and categorized system enabling exact search.

  • You can cooperate with Bookletia in your travel destination, becoming a destination manager to check correct classification and categorization of the booklets and promote Bookletia in your region.

  • You can provide your suggestions on possible ways of improving Bookletia.

Contact us by email: info@bookletia.com